Invisible Voices (Encounters of Non-Human Sounds) is a performance in two parts. For both performances I was recording sounds that were coming directly from the plant cactus itself in a live setting. The audience was able to listen to the sound that happend within the plant and later to dive into an other world that was created by those recordings. The recording was sent into my computer and was the foundation for the soundscape that I created during the performances. I used the normally inaudible sounds of the plant as samples that I sent through a music production software and manipulated them in different ways. I changed the frequency levels and the tone pitch, added filters, reduced noise and worked with rhythmic elements. The raw sample was used as an instrument and was the source for different parameters within the software. During the performance I also played pre-produced music that was composed in the structure of songs. I am interested in the idea of combining abstract sounds and noises and to transform them into atmospheric soundscapes that are developing into music. This work is an attempt to make the the communications already at work between vibrant bodies more audible, more detectable, more senseable.

The performances were shown 13th December 2017 and 25th January 2018 at Helmhaus Zürich.

The Part 1 was filmed with a compact camera by myself, so the camera was moving with me and is showing different points of views, while the part 2 was recorded from one point of view with a tripod.

A big thank you to Marcus Maeder and the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ZHdK) for the support with the technical equipment.