Installation with a 8-channel sound piece Ceramics, Earth, Opuntia Cactus Plants, Wood, Plastic Foil, Audio Cables, Speakers, Audio Interface, Laptop

In my ongoing work ‚Intra-Action‘ (a neologism introduced by Karen Barad) I am dealing with my relation to the non-human to question my identity as a rational being. Dealing with living plants, I am growing cacti from the seed since two years in my studio, is one of my attempts to force myself to listen to the voice of what is invisible in order to find a new narration of what is surrounding me and to form conditions of possibility of materiality. For ‚Traces‘ I created a sound scape that is formed by my imagination of the relation of these plants to each other and myself.

The work was part of the Degree Show of the Master Fine Arts at Zurich University of Arts. 7 - 21 September 2017. The performance will happen 20 + 21 September 2017.