Viscera (EP), Präsens Editionen 

After two successful albums (Songs for Plants, 2019; 18 Floors, 2021) Magda Drozd returns to Präsens Editionen for her third go around with the EP Viscera. While the two previous projects where theoretically framed and had a conceptual starting point before being composed, Viscera sees the Switzerland-based artists producing music that comes from a place not restrained by a theoretical framing.

Leaving a comfort zone governed by words and institutionalized knowledge, Drozd spend several weeks in the studio to follow her intuition and the impulses arising while working with different instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Pulsating textures, diversified synthetic and organic timbres, lightly orchestral passages and choral elements meet dramatic twists, dance beats and heavily manipulated violin sounds. However: Viscera is not an attempt to come closer to an authentic, inner self—but a piece emerging from a different methodology to reach a more immediate artistic vision and expression.

Composition, Production, Recording, Mixing: Magda Drozd
Artwork: Magda Drozd
Mixing: Leandro Gianini
Master: Kevin Tuffy
Saxophone on "Destabilized", "Clipped Wings" and "Poised": Nicola Genovese
Horn on "Destabilized": Yui Beck
Lyrics: Magda Drozd (Destabilized), Nicola Genovese (Lovers)
Graphic Design: Romy Strasser
Pictures PR: Nico Sebastian Meyer
Video: Léa Jullien
Executive Production: Harun Gradascevic, Marc Schwegler, Präsens Editionen